onyx (onyxangel) wrote,


You take my wrists
Chain them up
My breath comes in gasps
Shivering in anticipation
As you step back

The hiss of the whip
Whispers across my ears
As you let it unfurl
A soft whimper parts my lips

Suddenly the crack splits the air
A cry of fear erupts
Though my body has not been touched
The second lash comes
Fire spreads upon my back
I twitch and writhe
To the music of your whip

My cries sound out
With each fall,
Each trail of fire left behind
Tears flow freely
My body bucks

Slowly, I give in
Lost in the torrent of the storm
You call to me,
Command me to beg sweet release
I scream my plea, my need

Finally, your gentle hands
Release the chains
My trembling body falls against you

My release has come,
My time to let tears that are so hard to come flow freely
As you gather me in your arms,
I hear your sweet voice through my sobs
"Its alright baby. Master's here"

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