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I've just been told that Friday will be my last day here. I have mixed feelings about this - though none of them are 'negative'. It was a temporary assignment, and I came in knowing I could be done at any time. I've watched the progress they've made in changing over the computer systems, and have known for a couple weeks that I'd have maybe until the end of May.
This means that I won't have an income anymore. Frankly, it feels good to have an income and to work. However, this also means that I get to be home with Garrett again, and I've really missed that. Mom's had him so much lately that I think he's gonna start calling her mom :(
The timing on this is kind of ironic actually. Last night the household adults sat down and had a discussion about jobs and childcare. D's going to apply for a job with a glass company, and has a good chance of getting said job. The draw back is that its 12 hour shifts, either swing or grave, which means he won't be able to help with the kids much. The problem is Pan in the morning. With the time that I come in from work, and the times that he'd be home - there wouldn't really be a feasible way to get her to school. Afternoons aren't a big deal because there's after school programs, and I'm off at 4 pm. Then there was the issue of Garrett...he's too young to easily find a daycare for, especially an affordable one. I was thinking of asking mom and offering to pay here - the problem with that is, I wouldn't be able to make the commute into Seattle and back out to Everett everyday, so mom would have him most of the time.
As it turns out, it doesn't seem like these will be concerns at all. If he gets this job, I just won't take another from the temp agency. We figure if we watch finances, we'll be able to live on our own. It may be tight, but I'm sure it'll be worth it :)

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