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I know I need to do a better update, and I plan to.

I'm incredibly frustrated right now. I called DSHS to see why we haven't gotten our food stamps...turns out we missed a review in April. Nevermind that we never recieved notice that a review was needed. This is the 2nd time that's happened. Now, we have to go through and apply again.
Garrett is screaming...he's tired and probably hungry, even though I just fed him some cereal. Currently I'm on the phone with the healthy insurance company, trying to get everything changed over to my usual clinic and Garrett's preferred doctor. Things are going fairly smoothly, just need more information than I had, so calls are being made, etc. This is easier than I thought, overall.
D's off at the bank, so right now, I have -no- help with the baby or the other kids. Coffee? What's that? I don't know anymore, seeing as I never get a cup before bedtime. -sigh-

More to come, soon as I calm down.

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