onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Garrett's Birthday

Yesterday was Garrett's first birthday. Mom put together a nice party for him :) Fireman themed, of course. Mom swears she didn't really plan that, it just happened. Yeah, sure :P My aunt Cheryl even found some plates to fit the theme. It was really cute :) Garrett got a new outfit..fireman themed. It has engine #7 on it, but mom said that she would try to change that to engine #9. That's the engine that my grandfather drove when he was with the fire department. She would like to get a picture of Garrett in the outfit with some of the firemen who drive engine #9 now, and of course, the engine.
We think if grandma asked, they may do it. My grandfather was well known, and very active with the fire department until he died. Even though he was retired...he worked to make safety improvements and many other things. They had the engine at my grandfather's funeral, and drove my grandmother home in the front seat. It was the first time the engine had been used in such a way, and it was an honor. That's one thing I know will be passed on to Garrett..the story of his grandfather, and of his funeral.
Anyway, the part went well over all :) Mostly family, but I had a few friends there too. One of them had her 2 year old son with her...I haven't seen him since he was a year old. He looks a lot like her...adorable little boy.
Garrett had a cake all his own, of course. Mom made him a carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting. Naturally, he wiped his fingers through the frosting and got it all over himself :) D had to break up pieces of the cake for him though as he wasn't sure what to do once he'd gotten most of the frosting off. After a few minutes, Auntie Ausha got in there to show him how to squish his fingers through the cake. Good thing we'd gotten him down to just his diaper ;)
Garrett got a lot of clothes for his birthday...some really cute outfits and sox :) He got some fridge magnets, just for him. All letters, like I had growing up. He also got a cool soft fire engine that makes noises when you press the license plate. And a little people zoo set...all the animals make noise. He's already learned how to set off the seal, the bird, and the monkey. I love the 'boing' noise the monkey makes when you hit the button. It shoots up a 'tree', making that sound before it does monkey sounds. He got a teletubbie as well...he likes the sounds it makes. And, one of those things that has pop up boxes with zoo animals. He's figured out one of the push buttons, and one of the sliding buttons. He likes me or grandma to open them so he can close them again ;)
I was a little irritated with family though - Cheryl kept harping on the house, and the little things, like the hallway not being vacuumed. Nevermind that the vacuum belt broke on mom's, and Cheryl didn't show up until almost 3. The party was supposed to start at 2, mind you. Uncle Bill was trying to rush the cake and ice cream, so he could go home and eat dinner. *grumble* So sorry folks, I didn't really plan the party for you. Silly me, I planned it for my son. Fancy that. I was ready to tell him if leaving was that important to him, he was welcome to just leave and not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.
All in all though, it was a very nice party, and Garrett had fun.

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