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At tghe hospital....

Yes, here I am again. At the hospital....I have a nifty laptop that comes with the room :) They have me on meds right at the moment, so please excuse any errors in spelling and what not. I have quite a bit to update on the last couple days.
Yesterday started out being a rather typical day. Mom took Garrett over to Cheryl's so I had some peace. I spent some time on the computer and some time just laying on mom's bed watching tv. In the afternoon we found out that there was a memorial service for a friend of D's that recently passed away. We rushed to get ready, headed up to the memorial. D said that a mutual friend had said the house had burned down, so the memorial was going to be at a neighbor's.
I'm not much on coincidence, and a few of us were talking about things after the service. It seems to us that our friend had a hand in the fire (in a spiritual way), so that her husband could let go and start over with his life. I guess the house was filled with her things, things he had to go through and he was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. We arrived with the fire trucks still there....the house was burned through and gutted. In fact, while the service was being performed, the firemen found a hotspot. I didn't know this friend very well as I'd only met her a couple times, but it was nice to hear the stories people told about her. I cried even though I didn't know her well...grieving for the loss that I know closer friends felt, and for the chance lost to get to know her in the way they did.
We got home later in the evening, as we stopped by Kyros' to say hi. I got to check out City of Heros at his house. I think I like it better than EQ. Still not sure I'm 'hooked' per se :P Everything was alright when we got home.
I went upstairs about 10 or so to put Garrett to bed. I think it was around 11 or 11:30 that I felt the cramps start. I figured it was just from trying to get Garrett to sleep. I watched the clock, but wasn't too worried about it. I think it was about midnight when I went downstairs, and I was still cramping. It felt like gas though, and I know that I had some....so I gave it another hour, just to be sure.
About 1 am D made me call the labor and delivery at the U to see if I needed to come in. I figured I couldn't argue or deny anymore, so I called. The midwife nurse on duty said to drink one or two big glasses of water and lay on my left side. If the cramping didn't slow down or stop call her back. I drank a big glass of water and laid down to read. An hour later, the cramps weren't as bed but they were still there.
Of course, I had to come in then. Its a good thing I did...the contractions were hitting closer together and increasing in pain by the time we got here. They put me in an exam room and did an ultrasound as well as put me on the monitor. They weren't too concerned until some of the contractions were lasting a minute or more. They gave me some medicine to help keep me from contracting until they could get me set up with a room and an IV. I got sick...fortunately, after getting sick I was alright.
I'm in a room now and on Magnesium and some nasea medicine, I think. I know I'm on the Magnesium. It makes me drowsy and relaxes all my muscles...so even something as simple as focusing to see is hard and draining. It gives me a really dry mouth too, so I've been drinking lots of water while laying here. They still have the baby on the monitor, and she seems to be doing okay. I haven't had any contractions while on the Magnesium, which is good. They've also given me steroids to help the baby breath on her own, just in case. I get another dose tomorrow, I think. Once I have that and they monitor me for awhile, we're going to transition to another med...but I'm not sure what the new one will be.
Because of the magnesium, my blood sugars are high. They're going to put me on insulin too, via the IV if they can. Oh yeah, that was another fun thing of last night/early this morning....it took 2 nurses and an anithesiologist (?) to put the IV in me. My veins just weren't cooperating. Blerg.
I have a neat little thing to breath with too...not a permanent thing, but something for me to take deep breaths with. I hold it to my mouth, suck in a big breath and see how far I can get the yellow thing in the tube to stay near the top. I forget what she called it...but because the Magnesium relaxes all the muscles, my blood apparently isn't quite as oxignated as they'd like.
It looks like I'll be here a few days at least. With the lap top, I'll try to keep everyone informed, via the journal...even if it seems a little out of whack. It's the meds :P

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