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Another update before my eyes go all fuzzy again. Things are still going smoothly. We had a visit from one of the nurses in the ICU unit for infants, and she went over the possible outcomes for giving birth at this time. Its kind of scary listening to it.
Mom, Pan and Garrett came by to visit. Garrett was tired though, so he fussed through a lot of it. I couldn't hold him either because I'm still hooked up to the monitor...that and he likes the IVs in my hand. Ouch!
I was off the magnesium for about 2 hours or so today. They took blood to measure how much I had in my system. The dosage has been lowered, I think. Still, its beginning to work...my eyes are getting a bit fuzzy now and again, and I'm hot. I did discover though that its not the magnesium that's boosting my blood sugar, but the steroids. They finally have me hooked up to the insulin, and that means checking my blood sugar on a regular basis. Fun, fun.
Other than that, nothing has really happened so far...I watched a couple movies, dozed, talked....and will likely repeat that process :)
Oh yeah, dad called today too. It was nice to hear from him...and he had lots of questions about what would happen with the baby and the steroids and stuff. I hope I answered his questions well enough...but its so hard to remember all the information they give me, especially when I'm all drugged up. I also had another ultrasound done today, and though he didn't say much (probably because I was fading in and out of sleep), I think the baby is doing fine.

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