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Ever get guys like this?

Background: I've been having issues with accessing the irc server for bondage.com through Mirc, so I created a login on the website to access the java they have. My profile is bare-bones, providing only the information they deemed necessary to okay me as a member. Basically, it says my age, that I'm female and that I live in Washington.
Almost immediately, I get an email from someone telling me that I need to prove I am what I say I am. *kablink* Huh? So, I ask him what precisely does he want me to prove. He writes back saying that I need to prove that I'm 31 and female. In his last email he stated that word and pictures (especially online) mean nothing. Excuse me? I tell him that I feel no need to prove anything to someone who's just emailed me out of the blue and that if he wants to talk to me, he can just take me at face value and assume, at least for now, that I'm telling the truth. He replies with he assumes nothing (except that I'd lie to him, apparently) and that if I want further communication, I must prove myself. I reply once again with "I feel no real need to do so" ..but just out of curiosity since you do not want pictures, how does one go about proving themselves? He tells me via webcam, as most messengers have some sort of set up for that. Here's where I turn into a naughty girl...I lied to him (*gasp*). I told him that I have no webcam. Get this...he writes back telling me that its my problem not his!! At this point, I'm laughing my ass off. He mentions in his email that they are cheap and easily attainable. I reply with the fact that I never had a real reason to hop on the bandwagon and go buy one...and that I really didn't consider it a problem. That solved the email issue! He told me to have a nice life. How funny!
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