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Sep. 29th, 2004

Update to list

1. Drink coffee - Done, and plan on having a 2nd cup!
2 . Take shower - And I feel so much better!
3. Head up to the shool and meet the art docent - Done, and I'm still part of the program.
4. Take the last load of laundry out of the dryer and fold all 3 loads and put them away - Have it out of the dryer, still need to fold and put away
5. Pack away all summer clothing and rearrange the drawers
6. Go through clothing on shelves (all grandma's) - pack away summer clothing and figure out something to do with winter clothing
7. Fill shelves with our clothing
8. Take a nap
9. Hunt down costs and places to buy a diaper genie and a bassinet for Jae
10. If possible, go buy said items
11. Fold up collapsed air mattress on dining room floor and store away
12. Bathe both babies
13. Pick up baby toys
14. Vacuum
15. Call financial services for the UW for insurance
16. Gather and sort all paperwork from Pan's school

Lots to do..but I'm feeling productive. Hopefully I can achieve a chunk of this list

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