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Ohhh yeaaaahhh

I am a Goddess today! *does the happy Goddess dance*

I baked 11 dozen cookies. Yes, I did say 11 dozen...complete with frosting. They are packed and stored in the fridge for tonight. Woot!
All the while, I managed to keep the kitchen relatively clean, soak my piercing, get grandma up and moving (a feat in and of itself!), and two loads of laundry! Granted, one load is still in the dryer, and I haven't folded them..but, still!
That means that all I have to do on my list of 'must do' stuff today is: pick up baby toys, shower & shave, pack for tonight. Shower & shave can be done at LH if necessary, though I'd prefer to have it done here. Packing will only take about 10 minutes or so, if that. The toys will take maybe 5 minutes.

Yes..I am a Goddess today ~grin~

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