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I went to the job interview for the travel agency today. It was a group interview - the first part was a 'presentation' of sorts and then it was a one on one interview. I think it went pretty well.
Basically, if I get hired I can either be placed at a travel company (such as Holland America or somewhere) or I can work from home on a commission. If I'm placed, I still work part time for the agency booking clients, but I have a steady paycheck from the other company. Training is for one month (unpaid) and is pretty intensive. If I'm placed, that's done right out of training. I also get to work with senior agents for my first bookings and ongoing training. If I'm hired, I'll get discounts on travel...they want you to be able to promote the 'product' from personal experience. They request we use friends and family first as leads, primarily because of comfort right out of training. The reasoning is that friends and family will be more forgiving if you mess up. But, they do provide leads from their site, which is good.
D got a call to go in for an interview on Monday. He thinks he has a good chance of being hired. I'm excited for him. I know he wants to provide for the family and all. If he does get hired, that takes a lot of pressure off me with this job. I'm concerned about the commission and how quickly you start earning it, etc. If D gets the job, then I don't have to worry about that so much. Ideally, I'd like to work from home. If we can afford it, a nanny could be an option.
Here's to things working out! I'm so excited!!

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