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Something to ponder...

Someone sent me some information on post-partum depression.
Here's a list of symptoms:

The signs and symptoms of depression after childbirth vary depending on what form the depression takes. General signs and symptoms of the baby blues and postpartum depression include:
• Anger
• A sense of unworthiness, inadequacy, failure or guilt
• Crying
• Irritability and impatience
• Restlessness
• Sadness
• Tiredness (fatigue), inability to sleep (insomnia) or both
• Mood swings
With the baby blues, these signs and symptoms — which also may be accompanied by feelings of loneliness, anxiety, confusion and forgetfulness — pass in a few days or weeks. With postpartum depression, such signs and symptoms are more intense and longer lasting. They may interfere with your ability to function and can additionally include:
• A sense of emotional numbness or feeling trapped
• Fear of hurting yourself or your baby
• Impaired thinking or concentration
• Lack of joy in life
• Less interest in sex
• Excessive or lack of concern for your baby
• Significant weight loss or gain
• Withdrawal from family and friends

I have felt all of the ones in the first group, in one degree or another. The last set...perhaps the first one, to a small degree, and less interest in sex in general. Not sure I have a total lack of joy in life..but it certainly does seem diminished from time to time. *sigh*
How does one begin with the doctor? "By the way doc, I looked at this list of symptoms..." *shrug* Maybe I should make an appointment, get it done and over with. I thought about it....but, I kept forgetting, or figuring it wasn't a big deal. Maybe its bigger than I think.

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