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Hectic days...

I'm quite proud of myself. I got quite a bit accomplished today.
I did dishes, started dinner, chased Garrett around, had coffee, searched for a job...and all before noon. And, without sleep, I might add. I must say, I love crock-pot cooking. I made chicken cacciotore tonight...turned out pretty good :) I was too tired to even suggest grocery shopping tonight, otherwise it would be more crock-pot cooking tomorrow. I'll just have to figure something else out.
During the rest of the day, I did another round of dishes, took Garrett outside, survived family visitation, did more job searching, got a letting composed for a job, and even got a nap in there. Thankfully. Grandpa's sisters stopped by today to see grandma. They got KFC for everyone for lunch.
Lots of things have been happening around here, and all at once as usual. I have the family journal to update, but I'll probably do that tomorrow. Pan's been in trouble at school...enough of it that now outside sources are involved. Yesterday, while I was grocery shopping, a social worker came by to talk to me. Mom had the babies to herself for a little while. They both showed their true colors..heh. Jae screamed through the entire thing...and Garrett, in the 5 minutes the lady was here, managed to put a few things in the fish tank, get into the sewing machine drawers and come tearing out of the kitchen with a large wooden meat tenderizer. *sigh* Not only that, but he has a bruise on his cheek. He lost a battle with a cat toy, and hit his face against the metal rack in the kitchen. Don't ask..I'm not sure I have the answer anyway.
He went into the doctor last week for his cold, but they were concerned about his weight. It seems that he's still at 18 lbs, and hasn't gained more than an ounce in 3 months. The social worker was a little concerned about his smallness too, and the fact that the house currently is a mess so there's a lot for him to get into. Thursday he has another appointment for nutritional counseling, and a general check-up. He does look a little on the thin side...but he does eat. Quite a bit, in fact. He just prefers, generally, not to eat meat. And he's constantly active...so I think he just has a high metabolism right now. Of course, no one considers that..and I feel like I'm being put in a not so good spotlight. *sigh*
JaeLynne ran a fever for a couple of days right after Christmas, but she seems to be feeling better. We called the hospital, and they weren't overly concerned about it, even knowing that she's a premie. They said that she shouldn't have tylonal until she had a temp of 102, and they wouldn't take her until she had a temp of 104. At the time, she was only running a temp of 100. Needless to say, I didn't get any sleep that night. D took her the next morning though, so I did get some sleep..thankfully.
Garrett is into everything. If it doesn't go in the fish tank, it goes in the toilet. I spend my days literally chasing him around and pulling things out of his hands before he can do damage. All a part of his age, I guess. Mom swears he's hitting the terrible twos early..which is possible, I suppose. Whatever, I just hope they're over with soon...heh.
We didn't do much for New Years, but it was nice just the same. D and I went to dinner, just the two of us. Mom was kind enough to watch the kids. It gave us a chance to do quite a bit of talking, which was good. After dinner, we did some shopping. I got some much needed items...and new jammies. Woot! Oh! And slippers....sweet. They keep my feet nice an' toasty :)
I haven't made any resolutions. I have a tendancy to not really keep them anyway. Instead, I've made myself a few goals..it just seems more attainable that way.

Goals for the year:

Clean the house (I mean, a good, thurough cleaning)
Keep it cleaner
Eat healthier
Loose weight
Go to school

Now, some of those I may not be able to achieve, and that's okay. I'll still keep them as goals. Mom is going to give me 2 hours a day to clean the house. That way, I can just concentrate on that. I figure if I pick a room and start, clean for 2 hours and let it be, it'll be much easier to go through the house that way. At least, it'll be less stress. If I don't finish a room, I just go back to it the next day. It'll take me awhile, but at least its more manageable than the idea of just going through and doing it. Small steps.

In the meantime, I have day to day goals as well. A to do list, really, I suppose. On the agenda for tomorrow:

Call about counseling (forgot to do it today)
Do dishes from dinner tonight - including pots and pans
Finish cleaning the kitchen (counters and table, maybe even the floors if I can)
Call about PPD

If I have time, I'll do more than that. But, with having to watch Garrett like a hawk, that's a pretty full list. Maybe I'll even be able to go through the fridge and get rid of some of the stuff in there. If I do, I think I'll clean it.

Okay, that was a bigger update than I expected..or planned, really. I'm exhausted, since I didn't sleep last night and only had a short nap today. I'm off to garner me some of that there sleep. Sweet dreams to you when you get there...

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