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Jan. 11th, 2005

I have good house-keeping karma coming my way, yes I do. Why? Because I am Goddess! I achieved my daily goals today..and then some. I'm quite proud of myself.

Today, I achieved:

-doing dishes..twice.
-washing pots and pans before dinner
-putting little man's high chair through the dishwasher
-sweeping the kitchen floor of little man's mess..twice
-cleaning the stove..twice
-fixing dinner..with time to spare
-loading the dishwasher after dinner and making sure everything is clean
-prepared coffee for tomorrow... all D has to do is brew it.

I feel good. I'm going to look at the relatively clean kitchen tomorrow and smile. I still have things to do, but its mostly decluttering. I can handle it. I found a website that helps with decluttering and such..suggestions and the like. They suggest starting by shining your kitchen sink. Its a sense of accomplishment. I didn't do that..but, I did do my own version of that, and it feels wonderful. Now, the trick is, to set it up as a habit, a routine. I'd like to....it wasn't that much clean-up once I got it down, really. Once I get done with the kitchen, I'll start on other rooms in the house.

Tomorrow's goals:

-bathe both babies
-shower and dress
-put away clean pots and pans
-put dirty breakfast dishes in dishwasher and run if full
-rearrange cabinet that has glasses/mugs in it .. making sure to get rid of things we don't use.
-clean off the kitchen table
-call to confirm counseling appointment
-call to make sure potential employer recieved my emailed resume
-call to get insurance switched over so I can make my own dr's appt
-call to make an appointment for Jae's 4 month check-up

I need to rearrange so that we have room for the mugs and such that we do use. I have a few of them just sitting on the counter because I don't know what to do with them. I don't want to put them on a higher shelf, because I can't really reach them then. Tomorrow's task may take me awhile, but I think it'll be well worth it in the end. Eventually, I plan on going through all the cabinets and paring them down, keeping the items we use. Oh, yes, tomorrow mom and I may clean out the fridge too...needs it, I'm sure. The site I have suggests a bedtime routine of picking out clothes for the next day, etc. They also suggest you dress to your shoes. I think dressing will help some..but today, I did it all in my jammies.

So, there's been a lot going on in the house, as usual lately. I called to make an appointment for Pan, and they called me back with a couple dates. Looks like we have it for the 19th, I just need to call them back and let them know. D needs to be there for that one, so he has to take time off work, and Pan will have to take time away from school. I'm told the initial appointment will be one and a half to two hours.
Garrett went to the doctor late last week about his weight. We are supposed to feed him 5-6 meals a day, including snacks. He's to have more milk than juice or water, and eat more things like cheese and peanut butter. He has a prescription for pedia-sure, but I have to wait a week on that since the doctor needs pre-approval from Molena on that. We're also supposed to take 3 stool samples from different times to make sure he doesn't have a parasite, because he's had his hands in the fish tank and the toilet. *sigh* If he doesn't gain weight after all this, they'll do some blood tests to make sure it isn't something else health related. Nevermind that he's a very active child. He has an appointment with the nutritionist next month.
I tried to make an appointment for possible PPD, but was denied. Apparently, Molena doesn't have North Seattle listed as my primary clinic. I have to get that changed. I left a message with the lady who handles that on Thursday, but haven't heard back from her. This is a pain in the ass. I remember now why I didn't like Molena much. Hopefully tomorrow I can get ahold of the lady and get this taken care of.

We went to a party this weekend. I socialized most of the time, but had a great time. I was surprised by a few who 'put the moves on', so to speak. Hints are getting dropped..and they're loud enough for me to hear. Imagine that. I was teased about my ability to be distracted by shiney things, all evening..by one man in particular. It amuses him greatly. Heh. Oh, yes...blinky balls distract me too. But, who wouldn't be distracted by blinky balls?!
I stayed up all night, and had a blast. There was early morning swimming in a heated pool..and a very long, enjoyable conversation with someone. I got to watch the snow fall while huddled up under a heater. (The heater is on a table, I was sitting on a chair). Said person who was enjoyable convo, loaned me a blanket to keep my legs warm. Much appreciated. It was a neat experience, and one I shall remember for awhile.

Cheryl had Garrett for the night on Saturday. Sunday, he got to go out in the snow. She said that he had a blast, and that she has lots of pictures :) She had a snow suit and snow boots for him..adorable!

Anyway, I think that's pretty much my update for now. I can't think of anything else...


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Jan. 11th, 2005 02:36 pm (UTC)
I love her and use tips from her site. I love having a clean kitchen when I wake up. It helps if you lay out your clothes the night before too. And the wearing shoes saves time as well. Glad that things are going good for you guys. :)
Jan. 11th, 2005 04:01 pm (UTC)
Hot Damn! You go girl!
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