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Just a few notes

My kitchen is still clean! I haven't done the dishes yet, but they are loaded and ready to go. I was just waiting for everyone to have showers. They'll be done before dinner :) There's only one pot in my sink from breakfast, and that one will be washed with the dinner stuff.
I haven't done quite a few things on my list, really. That's alright though, for once, I don't feel guilty about it. In fact, I'm still feeling a sense of accomplishment. I've stuck to the new routine, at least as far as the kitchen.
I think I'm going to revamp the schedule a bit for my day though. I have to make sure D wakes me up, and that I'm up at 6:30 am. That way, I can take a shower and get dressed in relative peace. I can ensure that I'll get a shower every day, and begin to feel better on a general basis. At 7:30, I have to get Pandora up for school...I can have my cup of coffee and early morning computer time then. Of course, somewhere in there I need to change and feed Jae. I should start changing her outfit daily... Garrett's too. He's not up in the early mornings, usually...so, hopefully, this will work out. Maybe.
Now, I need to get dressed and head to the grocery store with mom and the kids. Oh yeah, and figure out what's for dinner....

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