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Busy morning

Thus far, I have taken a shower and gotten dressed...down to the shoes even. I've had breakfast, changed and fed JaeLynne. I've woken Pan for school. I've brought the crockpot and a pot roast upstairs, and even begun thawing the meat in hot water. I'll start dinner here in a short bit.
Right now, I'm having my first cup of coffee, in relative quiet. That is, except for the herd of elephants that apparently resides in Pandora's room. How that girl is so heavy-footed, I'll never understand. Hopefully, she doesn't wake up Garrett. He's due to be up just about anytime now. *sigh*
Oh yes...I've already put late night and breakfast dishes in the sink. That includes transporting the mug that D used to the kitchen....nevermind that he went to the kitchen to get himself a travel mug full of coffee *rolls eyes*

Plan for the day:

  • Bathe JaeLynne

  • Change Garrett into fresh clothes

  • Rearrange the cabinet

  • Clear off kitchen table

  • Clean out fridge

  • Make phone calls for: Pan's counseling, JaeLynne's check up, my insurance

I think that's pretty much it. Yesterday I was lax on some of this stuff. Well, okay, a lot of it. But, today, I'm energized..despite the fact that I've been up since about 5;30 and am working on only a couple hours of sleep. We didn't bathe Jae yesterday because we went shopping. As usual, we got too caught up in whatever to give her a bath...the timing of Garrett's naps and all. Someday, I'll learn to plan around those :P

I'll post an update with my progress sometime later.

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