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Bryan gave me the first season of Dark Angel on DVD! *does happy dance* I didn't even realize they'd released it on dvd. I loved that show when it was aired. Last night, I watched the pilot episode. Can I just say that I love Jessica Alba? She's great. She's going to be starring in Sin City when its released.
This weekend we went to see Phantom of the Opera with Bryan and a friend. We had lunch before hand, did a bit of shopping...mostly window shopping. Though, I did get a tinkerbell notebook and a dark faery pen :) Much faery goodness.
The movie was great! They changed a few minor things, but managed to keep the essence of the stage play. I was greatly impressed by that fact. I've read reviews given freely by those on LJ, and the 'down' points of the movie...but, really, it came the closest to the stage play. I will own it when its released onto dvd. I enjoyed Emmy as Christine..she had a strong voice, and a certain innocense to the part. Gerard Butler did better than I expected with the Phantom. Of course, Michael Crawford will always be the Phantom, as far as I'm concerned. The guy who played the viscount was good, and likely the weakest voice in the cast...and he wasn't even that weak. Minnie Driver did a decent job at capturing Carlotta's attitude. I know others didn't like her in the role, but I enjoyed it.
More to update on later...I'm tired and can't think of it all right now

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