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So, I should be doing something more productive with my time than sitting here looking over email and roleplaying. But, frankly, I'm not that motivated yet. That, and I'm enjoying my quiet time before my son wakes. Well, trying, anyway. Jae keeps fussing...I've fed and changed her. Now, she's fighting sleep and keeps spitting her binkie out. Joy.
Last night..rather, early this morning..about 2 am, Garrett woke up..diaperless. Little punk :P Not only was he awake, but he was really awake..wanting to play with his toys and stuff. Mom took him back upstairs, but I could hear him fuss for a little while. I'm not surprised he's still asleep, though I hope he wakes up soon...I don't want him up all night tonight. He might be anyway, we just got a crib for him. Now it just needs to be set up...mom and D cleared a spot for it in her room last night. I'm not sure how he's going to take to sleeping in a crib, but he'll have to get used to it. We need to get our crib out of storage so we can move Jae into that one. It'd be nice to have the bed babyless again.
On the plus side, I woke up without so much grogginess today. In fact, I've been rather clear headed..despite the fact that I didn't take the meds until after 2 am, and I'm not a morning person. I did sleep well though - waking up only a few times this morning, and that being after D woke me up. I need to do better at actually sitting up and getting out of bed at that time, so I can get things done..like showering and that kind of thing, and be on time for waking Pan up. I was a little late this morning, but not too much. She still had time to get ready. I'm pleased though, that I'm not groggy. Maybe this medicine will work out, after all. In this vein, I've decided to get offline at least 30 minutes before I want to go to bed. That gives me 15 minutes to get my routine down...glass of water, making the bottle for baby if needed, bathroom, etc and get upstairs. Ideally, it gives me 15 minutes of reading trime as well..a nice transition to sleep, I think.
Already this morning, I've had a delightful conversation involving belief systems and philosophy. Before I finished my first mug of coffee even. And I was alert enough to keep up..I'm quite proud of myself. My world is opening up on the social end..though, for the moment, it seems to be primarily on the internet. However, this is still good. Perhaps soon it'll branch out to face to face meetings. The difficulty in this being my lack of ability to be spontaneous. There is D to consider, and of course the children..and right now, the lack of transportation. I'm not overly fond of accepting rides from those I haven't met..not to mention D would skin me alive for taking such a chance.
Oh, yes, on the note of lack of transportation...the Daewood is dead. For the moment. We think its just the battery, and hopefully we can get that fixed soon. I'm rather annoyed that I managed to get a ticket for my tabs. They aren't current..but the damn car is parked. Apparently, I can still get a ticket for expired tabs. Its parked on a side-street. I didn't even realize the parking maids knew where this street was :P Okay, seriously though...I understand its parked on the street..but, I wasn't driving it. The expense for that needs to come out of next paycheck..and that means too, that we have to get the Saturn its tabs. Nevemrind that we can't drive that one. Hopefully soon we'll be able to get a bigger family car and be done with that one -sigh-
I need to get back into writing. I have an idea for a novel. I'm not sure where the entire story is going, but I have a fair idea of what I'd like. At the very least, I should get started with character creation and plot outline. I know that I'll need to do research as some of it will involve Voodoo, and frankly, I'm not that versed in that particular religion. I'd like to make it as accurate as I can. I may check out some of the more brutal religions as well...such as Santaria (Not being familiar with that religion at all, I can only go on what I've heard...which is that it still practices blood sacrifices.) Of course, more research will be needed to determine if that will fit well with my basic plot...or if I will remain with voodoo for both 'hero' and 'villian'. Anyone have any suggestions? Either on research (websites, books, people to talk to are all helpful), or with 'darker' religions I would be grateful.
Oh, yes, specifically I would like to have information on the priesthood for Voodoo, as in how one becomes a priest/priestess. Are there pieces of key knowlege needed? If so, how much could be revealed in a book as part of a character history? Are Priests even allowed in Voodoo? I know of only priestesses right off hand. Even so, perhaps that will work to some degree. And I need information on reading bones....its not a skill that I'm familiar with. Are human bones preferable? Necessary? If so, how does one come by such things in modern times? Are animal bones an alright substitute or will they produce entirely different readings?
Research.....must get to it.

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