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I have my muse...

I feel accomplished. I've had the beginning of this story bouncing around in my head for a few days..and I actually took time to get some of it on puter screen. Yay! Okay, I haven't added anything since lunch, but I think its okay where its at for the moment. It will probably change some now that I've let it sit - but that's okay. I have a good feeling about this story, though I don't know how long it will end up being or exactly where its going to go. I feel accomplished, because while I didn't get anything more actually written on the story, I have evolved the character concepts, at least for the first few characters, and indeed, the main characters through the story. I have come up with names, rather, choices of...as well as looks and brief histories for each. The latter hasn't been translated to a form of media yet, but I'm working on it. Perhaps I'll get more done tonight..I'll print out what I have, save it, and bring a notepad with me. Even if I just get the character concepts down, it'll be more than I've done in awhile. I need to do this with the other story too..anyone know how difficult it is to write the story of a roleplay character that was played for 3 years?? Sheesh. I didn't realize what an undertaking it was! This, of course, requires me to actually remember all, or most, of what happened to her in that 3 years. Yikes!
At any rate, I'm quite happy with my accomplishment on this new story, and will post more as the Muse allows. *grin*

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