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So, I've managed to clean the living room...vacuuming and all. Mom took Garrett to Angela's today, so it's been fairly quiet. I've even started laundry. Go me! All before noon even. Wow! Except the vacuum doesn't seem to have much suction and the carpet doesn't look like I've done much with it. A little frustrating. It needs a good shampooing, really..thanks to my son *ahem* Mr. Destructo.
D had surgery yesterday, so he's pretty limited in what he can do. So far, he's been more or less just hanging around the house and watching tv. Not that I'm complaining....he's been upstairs and pretty much 'out of the way'. I'm glad he's taking care of himself and resting. I went out and got him coffee this morning..brought back donuts too. Yummmm. So much for the diet I was planning on..eh? Oh well, life's too short to worry about how many times I fall of the wagon...just so long as I try not to do it all the time, I should be good. Of course, this requires I actually start that diet.
I get paid on the 15th. I'll see if I have enough to join Curves. R said she'd join with me, so I have someone to go with. That makes me feel better. We'll see if I have enough. Of course, my Sim's addiction is screaming out for Unleashed and Makin' Magic for the upstairs computer. Maybe that'll be an alternative if I can't afford Curves.
I went and paid the van off yesterday..so its all ours! Woot! I just have to go up and get the voided check now. I'll do that in a little while I think...see if R wants to get out of the house and make a trip of it. D can watch Jae for a short bit, I think. I'll see before I go if he's up to it.
Speaking of Sims....I haven't filled that addiction in a while...so, here I go!

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