onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Rainbows and smiles...

Yesterday was the anniversary of my grandpa's death. St. Patty's day isn't as celebrated in our household, for reasons I'm sure most can understand.
Mom and I were outside between rain sessions, and I looked up and saw a rainbow. It was full of bright colors. Not only that, but right above it was another rainbow. It wasn't as bright, but the colors were still beautiful. The sight brought a smile to me...and to grandma when she saw it. We all watched it fade into the sky. I've never done that...watched a rainbow fade. It was really kind of neat. It was like a 'hello' and 'bye'.
Grandma told me that she and grandpa drove through a rainbow once. They were on one of their yearly trips in Montana, and the colors had come to the ground. They drove through it...she smiled as she remembered. Its something special to drive through a rainbow, I think...something I'm sure that doesn't happen often.
Thanks grandpa.....for the smile.

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