onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Worth calling in sick for...

D took me to the 5th Avenue production of Miss Saigon. I've been wanting to see the play for some time. He forgot I worked weekends, so I had to call in sick..but it was well worth it for an early birthday gift. He bought seats in the Grand Balcony (the middle balcony), and close to the front. Superb seating. It was the opening show, the Matinee. I loved it!! The acting was wonderful, the songs beautiful and moving. In fact, the whole story was moving. I cried during part of it. Very beautiful but tragic story. I would love to go see it again sometime.
After the play, we went to Benihanna, which is right across the street. Very yummy. The food hit the spot. Though, I did find it slightly ironic that we had a chef named Jose in a Japanese restaraunt ;) Still, it was very fun and the food delicious. We each got one of the collectible glasses - they have the Geisha and the Bonzai (Budha looking), and the drink was very yummy. D think they'll make good vases..lol. For dessert I had the Tempura Ice Cream. Mmmm...what a treat!!
Now, all I need is a mocha to settle it all. *laugh* I just came up to post real quick and change before going back down to watch the kids. D wants to get onto evercrack, and since he hasn't been in awhile, its only fair to let him. I'll have more computer time later, but I wanted to post while still in that all grins euphoric state.

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