onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I should post more often, and mean to...its just between work and the kids, my energy levels are fairly low. Social life? What's that? :P
Right now, I'm considering a career change. It would be nice to be off the phones all day. The real estate company I used to work for is hiring for agents. When I worked there before, I wasn't an agent, but I loved the field. I had gotten my liscence and just never hung it, so I know I can pass the test and all. Its 60 hours of schooling - whether I do it at home or a school - and it'll cost me at least $250 to get the software. I'd like to...but, D isn't all that thrilled. Part of me can't blame him...from a financial stand point, its a *big* risk. Still, it would be nice to be unconditionally supported.
At any rate, if I can afford it out of today's paycheck, I'm going to seriously consider it. I need to ask if they provide leads (Or help with leads) or if I'm on my own and using my own networking. I'm happy to do that to some degree...but I'd imagine there aren't many that I know or can reach that are in a position to buy a house at this point in time. I don't want to spend the time and money and just have the skill go to waste. So, I'll call on Monday and ask...hopefully they'll tell me yes or that I have a mentor or something.
Right now, that's the biggest thing. Have to get ready for work now....will try and post more later :)

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