onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila....

and you have a warm fuzzy she devil :) Boy, does it burn nicely! Went to the kareoke on Saturday and had myself one HELL of a time!!

I felt good. I felt sexy..I mean really sexy. I felt like I could walk into that bar, and despite the fact that I'm not the skinny minnie that you see men drool over all the time, I could have had any man in there. Don't care if it wasn't true - its how I felt. And it felt damn good to feel that way.

I can't remember everything that happened in the evening, but there are key things. I lost my bra in the bar..thanks to one of the "Bad boy brothers" (K&D) The credit goes to Brother D on that. Oh yeah, the same 'Brother'....had me on my knees by my hair... in a bar!!. No, that's never happened before. Only once have I ever been put on my knees by my hair, and it wasn't in a bar. *grumbles* Bastard...

I met some new people...one of which I don't think was part of the group. All I gotta say about him is... ~quack~. *giggles madly* He was cute, too. Young..but cute.

After the bar was the after party. Followed Brother K down to the house...he only got lost once ;) And that was a wrong turn, easily fixed. Got there and met more new people, and connected with others I hadn't seen in a bit. Didn't play, but I did socialize quite a bit. Almost played..but it sorta fell through, due to timing and circumstance. However, he may show up at a party. (I'm hoping..YUM). He tried hard to convince me to ride the Sybian. I told him I'd just rather ride a Harley ;) He laughed. Oh yeah...got smacked on the ass hard enough to make me yelp -mid sentance- by Brother K. *grumbles* Bastard... and to think, all I usually get out of him is a hug and possibly a kiss :P

I didn't leave the house until like 6 am. I wasn't paying attention to the time and was startled to realize that the sun was up and birds were singing. I gave two of the guys a ride home in exchange for them getting me to the freeway. I had no clue where I was...the host has no worry of me showing up randomly on his doorstep ;) Though, somehow, I don't think 'worry' is what he'd do...lol

Oh yeah, at the bar...I got told to 'shake it like a poloroid.' Amusing. I think it was a compliment ;) I was also told a couple other things from people that kind of surprised me.

Yes, Saturday was a good night. I want to do it again....

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