onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Yet another example of why I hate mornings...

I was going to check my bank balance this morning before Sandybear came for work. Of course, I wasn't able to. Damn that Murphy. I had internet last night....until Jenni wanted on. Then it died. So, this morning, I take a look. The ethernet option in my ip configuration has somehow been removed...I have aohell options, which don't particularly work with my cable modem. *sigh* But, it doesn't stop there...oh, no...Murphy has decided to have fun this morning.
I get to work, and first thing, I have to call the help desk. One of our databased updated..but, did it update on my machine? Oh, no. Why would it? This is me, after all. So, 10 minutes and one restart later, I'm good to go...or so I think. I'm doin' my thing...and all of a sudden, nothing responds. *sigh* Time to restart...again. Well, its still not working right...so, yet again, I restart..only to go tell my supe (after I've been on wrap up for 10 minutes and he's already come over to check on me) that my computer is not working properly. He comes over, messes with it, restarts it twice...for a total of 5 times now, and gets the damn thing working.
Naturally, *now* I have 25 people in queue. Just..spiffy. The second call I answer, a justifiably upset customer who is being charged for dsl he doesn't have. I just hate that he takes it out on me.
That headache I had yesterday is making a return visit..and its brought a hammer.
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