onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I took Jae into the high risk clinic for a follow up appointment today. Had to get up early to do it too *grumbles* Sadist doctors.
Anyhow, the update on it and other general family updates are on the family journal ... allmyfamily.

The agent from Prudential NW called me back today. I asked about leads...and he confirmed that those are up to me, but they do teach you how to canvass and such. So, I'm not left up to my own little network. This is good, because I've found that with jobs where I have to use my network of friends and family, I don't do well. He also confirmed that they still have the mentoring program, which is good. If I do this, I'll keep my current job as its only part time, at least for now. Hopefully Friday I'll have the money to invest. I want to discuss it a bit though - get a sounding board and some pros and cons, that kind of thing.
Speaking of things at work, I signed up for some benefits today. As I only work part time, I'm not eligible for the health benefits. However, they do offer some extra pay enrollment benefits. I think that's how they termed it. Anyway, I have disability insurace, accident insurance and one other type that I can't remember what its called. It pays out if I have a heart attack or cancer, or a few other things. Once it pays out, the policy is terminated. Because these are payroll benefits, I can take them anywhere...they aren't left behind with the job. I can cancel any of them at any time, or I can make changes as needed/wanted. I'm sure there are times that I can do that, and not just all the time. Its going to be $23 something out of each paycheck, but I think its worth it, especially since I don't have regular health insurance but through the state...and I'm not sure how long that's going to last.
Anyway, that's pretty much it for tonight. Back to your regularly scheduled lives...

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