onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

So, despite the many false starts on the study front, I have managed to get some studying done. I am part way through unit 2 now, and have put in just over 5 hours.

The children were uncooperative today, of course. Jae wouldn't let me put her down without howling like a banshee. This is fine for short periods of time, but tends to get a little nerve wracking when done for long periods of time. Trust me, this girl has no intention of stopping. *sigh*

Uncle Bill came over for a bit today to visit. The plan was to get the new pool we bought set up so the kids could enjoy it. Its a double sided pool with a slide, so it'll take a bit of doing to get it all set up. That didn't go through. Grandma needed to go into the hospital tonight.
It's nothing serious, just the same issues she's had before. When mom called the doctor to make an appointment, they told her not to wait. So mom took grandma down to the emergency room and spent a good portion of the night down there. Grandma came back cranky..and apparently was on a par with Garrett in a mood while down there. Mom said she wouldn't sit still, complained the whole time and half insisted they let her come home and return tomorrow. This, of course, screwed up the schedule of the night to get any studying done. All three kids are having issues with sleeping due to the heat, so bedtime has been fun *sigh*
I've just finished studying, decided that I'm just cranky enough that its not really going to do me much good anymore. I got at least an hour in, I think...sporadic as it was. Now, I'm going to try and relax a little before heading up to bed and attempting to sleep despite the heat.

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