onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I didn't do as much study as I was hoping tonight. Due to some previous events though, I find myself having troubles concentrating on it. I have managed to get some in... I'm up to 12 hours and 26 minutes now.
The agent from the real estate office called today to see how I was doing, and presumably, to light a fire under my ass for studying. I'm trying...but, life seems to be getting in the way *sigh*

On another note - I did that tarot reading I've been meaning to do. I'll share later, though...not in the mood to hunt it down at this time. I had to use my Brian Froud deck..as I've discovered that Garrett has so kindly relocated all my other decks. All over the house, of course. I'm missing at least one card out of the decks he got to....and there are a couple decks I simply can't find. Fun.

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