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I had talked to mom earlier this week about watching the kids for most of the day so I could get a good chunk of studying in. I told her I was thinking at least four to five hours. Did I get that? Of course not. I've had the kids half the day. I can't study and watch them as well. *sigh* So, for the last hour, I've been sitting here with the kids, wanting to study...and she's been checking her email so she doesn't have as much when she gets back from her weekend at Angela's. I understand this, but it just makes me that much more frustrated. Email is more important than my study so I have the ability to change jobs and consequently, schedules? GAH
I'm not sure I'll have time tonight to study either..chances are I'll have the kids (as usual), since I'm home. *grinds teeth* Oh, its not that I mind having the kids...but, the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can quit my current job and have a more desired schedule for myself. The sooner I can have a life again. Why do I feel like I'm beating my head against a brink wall?
*grumbles and goes away...taking her little black rain cloud with her*

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