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what the fuck?

Okay, this annoyed me enough that I must bitch. Lucky people.

I get a customer on the phone - he tells me that he has 2 phones, one with me and one on hold with tech. He needs to make sure his account is okay because he's not able to get online. Well, lo and behold, he can't verify the account - and he wants his pw. I can't give it to him. I tell him that tech may be able to help him trouble shoot. Tech, in this time, has answered the other phone he has. He puts me on hold, but I can still hear him with the tech agent. He tells the tech agent that he can't verify the account but that he needs his password. The tech agent, in his infinite wisdom gives said customer his password. *blinkblink* Uhm...hello??? SECURITY???? He even TOLD you he couldn't verify the account!!!
You sure I can't just bitch slap the reps as an 'error form'? Please?

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