onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Its snowing!!

Yay! Its so pretty out. They haven't cleared the roads yet, and the little woodsy area behind the apartment is all white! Jenni and all the others are out playing in the snow. I think I'll stay in for now. I heard we were supposed to get 3 more inches. Good thing I have tomorrow off (G)
Well, let me fill you in on my weekend, since I really haven't had the puter. Ironic, eh? (smirk)
Friday night, Tyr and I went up to the club. Dead. Dead, dead, dead. Late in the night, there was one couple that decided to have sex. That was the most action there. No one was dancing even. I almost feel like I wasted $20. If Tyr hadn't been there....I think it would have been a waste.
Last night, we went to Jenni's cam game. Yes, okay, I got drawn in. (smirk) I created a Brujah that should be fun to play once I really get going. But, I don't do too well with mingling with large groups of people I don't know. I sat and watched a poker game most of the night. I did some mingling too...but mostly the poker game. It was an okay time.
Tyr, of course, was in the middle of everything. (smirk) First game, and he's already in combat. He said that he likes the game .... and is checking into the chapter in Korea. Apparently, its mostly online. I'll talk to Jenn and see about becoming a member. Another thing to occupy my time and hopefully make the year go faster. After the game, we went to 'afters' at Applebee's. It was alright. Talked mostly about gaming stuff...go figure, eh?
Today, the landlord was supposed to be down, but cancelled due to snow. Which is fine..gives a bit more time to get things done and no panicking. Jenni and I still have to do a little walk through of our own, so we can have a list ready. Never hurts. Mike and Jamie are also supposed to be up. I tried calling a bit ago, but no one answered the phone. I know that Puyallup was fine as far as snow goes...so, I think they're on their way. I hope they get here alright.
I'm not sure if Tyr and I are going to take the truck down to his friends or not. We also need to clean his apartment, but I'm not sure we're going to do that either. That means driving in the snow, at least part of the way, and I don't think he's particularly enthused about that.
I guess that's pretty much it.

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