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Well, hello stranger....

Yes, it has been awhile, hasn't it? So, where shall I begin?

Today was my last day at my job. *dances* I quit. I finally did it. Took more bravery than I felt, really. I was nervous..but, change always makes me nervous. True to the Taurus sign, I don't always handle change well..and like it even less when I initiate it, it seems. It creates anxiety for me. Needless to say, I'm glad its over. I like the people I worked with, and will miss them. I will not, however, miss the phone calls. I've given my contact information to those I want to stay in touch with, and have plans with a few later on next week. I think I've made some lasting friends there, which is .....well, heartening. I'm not one to make friends easily, so I'm relieved.
Typical phone call:

Me: "Thank you for calling (catalog company). This is (me). How may I help you?"
Cust: "Yes, I'm so and so from such and such. Item number 54321"
Me: "Are you wanting to place an order for that item today?" (Half the time they just want to check and see if its available, or have a question on it and don't actually -want- to order the flippin' thing)
Cust: (pause) Yes. (in that tone that says "how stupid can you be?")
Me: "Great. I'd be happy to assist you with the order. May I have the source code on the back of the catalog in the yellow box?"
Cust: "The what?"
Me: "The source code. On the back....."
Cust: (Cutting in) "It's where? On the back?"
Me: "Yes. On the back of the catalog, in the yellow box."
Cust: (rustling of pages...because, you know, they can't just close it and flip the stupid thing over) "On the back? The one in the blue box?"
Me: (thinking: Yeah, because YELLOW and BLUE sound alike, don't they?) "The yellow box..."
Cust: (cutting in) There is no yellow box. Oh, wait, you mean the one here by my name?
Me: Yes, it should be by your name. Next to the other box with the customer number..should be labled source or catalog code.
Cust: Oh, yeah, I see it. That's not a yellow box, its a cream colored box...

It goes downhill from there. Don't argue the color of the freakin' box. If you -know- what box I speak of, read me the damn numbers. I love the ones that don't know their name.
Like so:

Me: May I have your name as it appears on the credit card you would like to use today?
Cust: Let me get my credit card....

why? Because you need it to remind you what your name is? *facepalms* Ugh!!

My favorite? People who ask obvious questions. I kid you not...actual question asked from me:

Cust: What's the difference between the copper tea kettles and the chrome tea kettles?

Uhm. I don't know. Couldn't tell ya.

So, yeah. I won't be missing the calls. I don't know what happens to people when they pick up the phone and dial...but, I swear, their brains leak out their ears or something. The worst part (for me) is sitting there thinking "I wonder how many times someone has thought the same thing about me when I've called in somewhere?"
I don't mind what people think of me for the most part, but I have this thing that borders on fear of being thought of as being stupid. I think, to me, that would be the worst. I don't know why.

Anyway, I will be starting a new job. Hopefully soon. New boss is busy, so I gotta pin him down on getting together to show me the ropes. I'll be working for a friend of mine. I'll be an 'assembler' and delivery girl for awhile, but its cool. Pays less than what I was making before, but the job is less stress and I'll be able to have at least one child with me some of the time. That, admittedly, was a big draw. That and the fact that I'll be working during the day. I'll have at least some weekends off, which is better than none. And even on the weekends, I'll be working during the day, so I'll have my evenings free.

So, yeah, there's my news :)

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