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So, last night went well. Jenni Kitty hit it off well and made friends right off the bat (grin) I knew she would! Wolf and plaything were there (yay!) and Wolf has the floggers done (excited lil squirm). They are beautiful!! Tyr will be happy. I think he's sent out the check - I hope. Lots of talking last night, nothing terribly exciting. Got to view some really nice artwork, got some tips on how to draw. (always good)..and I may take it up again, but I'm terrible at it. My patience is like nil..practice? Nah. If I'm not good the first time around....(smirk). I got to meet Tzdeikal (Okay, so, I have no clue how to spell the man's nick....) and Sylence face to face, finally. Wooo! He's the "anti social" one that Jenni Kitty mentioned in her journal. I didn't know it was him when I was first talking to him, and I don't think he realized it was me either. He came back out and asked. It was cool :) Now I have a face for whom I torment online....(evil little angel grin and the maniacle laugh). Sandybear discovered I have a journal (that makes 3 co-workers that know it exsists, that I'm aware of). I hope they don't get TMI (laugh) Eh, well, that's what they get for reading I guess :P
So, this morning paiwaket, the little cutey, curled up with me. I know this because I rolled over on her a couple times and woke up enough to realize there was a squishy thing beneath me. When it purred, I knew it had to be her. I woke up at 4 am this morning. (grumble) 4 am. Why? I have no clue. I was just awake. I went back to sleep...until the little cutey decided that it was time to get up and began playing. No longer was she a little cutey...she was a menace. She stalked around, jumped at everything and clawed my matress. Little menace found out just how cranky I could be in the morning when, at 5:30, I finally ordered her out of the room with a growl and a jabbed finger at the door. Lucky she understood and ran, the door firmly shut on her heels. Me not a pretty kitty in the morning (smirk). After my shower, I let her back in the room - and she thanks me by shitting on my floor (grumble). Cute little kitty indeed. Tonight I get new kitty litter....and maybe some cayan pepper. *THEN* she can be allowed back in my room without supervision..maybe.
I'm getting braver about my journaling...I'm actually posting a link in one of my yahoo clubs. (gasp) They welcomed me back (grin) Its nice to be missed! ;) Now..all I gotta do is see who's behind the keyboards damnit! I say...a get together! Yeah!
Okay - I'm done for now...back to reading other people's lives....

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