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Big day...

Mom finished the outfit she made for Garrett. Its a little jean short overall - its adorable. She was up until 8:30 am this morning doing it - so when I got up (a little later than I wanted) she already had the kitchen mostly done. Pan was a great help today, being the gopher girl and helping get things *really* clean. I got the clothes put away and vacuumed the floor again. Grandma let Jae have crackers last night .... so, of course, they got all over the floor. Cleaned up the shoe basket in the dining room, even. Now, if only we can keep it this way! ;)
Pandora fed Jae some pancakes this morning - which Jae promptly got all mashed up in my hair, *groan* I wasn't planning on a shower today, as I'd had one yesterday, and there just wasn't going to be time. After cleaning, I had to run to the store. Not only that, but I had Pan and Jae with me. I had to run over to Larry's by Oaktree to pick up the cake and various things.
It was getting later in the day by the time I was able to go - about 12:30 or so. That's not so bad, except that we were expecting people around 2 pm or so. Shopping took about an hour or so...and about a 20 minute drive each way. Cutting it close. We did the shopping and went to pick up the cake last. It wasn't quite one yet, which was the pick up time on the cake, so they didn't have it ready. The lady said it would only take her a few minutes - which was fine by me. We meandered the store a little bit more and came back some minutes later. I watched for a few minutes - the cake was a hot wheels cake. I asked if that was the one under my mom's name, sure enough it was. I had been told it was dinosaurs though - because we had dino decorations. I mentioned to the lady. She apologized profusely and said that it was for dinos, but that she'd have to start over. No biggie. She said we'd get the decorations free - yay! I would have taken the car cake without issue - because Garrett would have liked that too, but we had a theme going. In the end, I got a $25 cake for $15. Woot!
Everyone (family and R) arrived around 3 pm. We had one more guest planned, but she cancelled. Gary and Bill put up a plaything in the yard for Garrett. Its huge! It has a place for him to climb...and a slide. Underneath it has a little play house, I guess. He LOVES it!!!! Of course, he enjoyed playing with the box too. While everyone was outside watching Garrett play, I grilled hot dogs (I'm quickly on my way to becoming the grilling queen! Look out!). Garrett wasn't all that hungry, I guess he had a meal before coming over. After everyone was done eating, Uncle Bill brought out a HUGE slice (section, really) of watermelon for Garrett. He loved that, too. He ate about half of it before giving up the ghost and going to play some more.
When he first saw the cake with the dinosaurs, he loved it. The dinos roared, and he got a kick out of that. The third time though, he was scared. I'm not sure what changed..but he freaked out. Gary had to coax him closer to the cake so we could have him blow out the candle. He did...with a minimal amount of spit, I might add. Yay! Spit free cake is always good.
He opened his gifts, and really liked most everything. He didn't like the big dino that Cheryl got him though - Gary had to toss it out into the yard. It was actually kind of funny. Maybe tomorrow, when he isn't so tired, he'll feel differently. He didn't even get near it...just kept backing up when he discovered what it was. He enjoyed everything else though. He got a couple new books..and a couple new ones for the leap pad. He got an elephant toy and a little people castle. He liked the dragon and the horse and cart on that. It has a little catapault that came with a 'stone'. I think I enjoyed that more than he did ;)
At the end, it was rather exhausting...and to think, I get to do it all over again tomorrow.....

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