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Before the family reunion...

This is the time that really -sucks-. I hate all the packing. Its more than just tossing a weekend's worth of clothes into an overnight bag. I long for those days. I've been going pretty much non-stop since I got up this morning.
First, I went to get my hair done. I wanted a color and cut...the process took 3 HOURS. I did not expect it to take nearly that long - or I wouldn't have done it today. I went up to the Greenwood Hair Academy. The prices are decent, as its a student shop. The girl I had was good..she was nice, ready with the small talk, had some ideas when I was at a loss. My hair is shorter now, with some layering to give it 'life'. The layers are long, so if I want to grow them out, it shouldn't take too long. Its a copper color, with blonde slices through it. I like it :) Hopefully, I'll have pictures up soon for those that are curious.

After getting my hair done, it was pack the kids up and off to Kmart for a few things. I bought some tank tops that were on sale, and we got Pan a swimsuit. Mom got a couple things as well. Both babies were getting fussy, but we still had to go to Costco. Ugh!

Late in the afternoon/early evening, we finally make it to Costco, essentially the last big stop we have to make. We did some grocery shopping for the weekend, as well as for the next couple weeks. Jae screamed through half the trip, Garrett got whiney for the other half. *whimpers*

After coming home, it was a race to get things packed. D wanted to pack the van tonight (which is only partially packed), so that I wouldn't have to try and do it tomorrow. He took a trip down to Freddies and picked up a few last minute items we couldn't get at Costco, including a cooler for us. I've got our clothes packed...the clothes for the babies packed (that in itself was a time!). Pan's all packed, and her stuff is in the van. Our bag isn't, but it still needs toiletries and my swimsuit. I have lists upon lists, and I don't think anything's really checked off yet.
There's one box of food packed, and more to go. Some of it will be going with mom though. I still need to cut the chicken up, so I don't have to prep it for the potluck Saturday night. I have to pack the crock pot, and a serving utensil. Paper plates and cups are already in the van. At least there's plenty of room still in the van, so it'll be easy for me to pack. I have to pack toys for the babies. There's towels to pack still...we'll be by a lake, after all. Not to mention all the little things...like crossword puzzles and books. Games...must find games.
I get to drive D into work tomorrow so I can pick him up after work with the van. We'll go out to dinner and let traffic die down before heading over the trestle to Moses Lake. Oh yes, directions..can't forget the directions. There's still so much to do, and it feels like time is closing in on me. I need to get up early, so sleep is necessary. My eyes burn and I'm so exhausted, but I'm not sleepy....oh God. This is how I answer to Mistress Irony. Ain't it grand? :P

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