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Reading for me

I did a reading for myself this morning, simply because its been awhile since I've worked with this particular deck. That, and I've been feeling a bit off and anxious. I used the Morgan's Tarot, which is not a traditional tarot. I also blended a traditional celtic cross with a personal one - using the positions of 3, 4, 5 and 6 as traditional meanings (for me conscious, subconscious, past and future) as well as the elements and correspondences - Earth above the center/crossing, and laying them out to the right. Also, the places in the column are 7 - Go 8 - Caution 9 - Things that need to stop 10 - Outcome. The link has the card pictures and meanings, if anyone's curious. Feed back is always welcome :)

1. Go ahead on
2. Tee hee Ha Ha
3. Mushroom
4. Do it now
5. I come from a different planet
6. Robot
7. Keep up the good work
8. Wordless
9. Virgin Sun Goddess
10. Baba

I want to move ahead, but feel like somebody may be laughing at me, or trying to make a fool of me. While subconsciously, I may feel different from everyone, I may not realize it because I'm not consciously thinking of that. If I take control of my life now, I can stop feeling like a robot. If I make sure to communicate, stop being so wishy-washy and keep up the good work, I will eventually be enlightened or set upon a new and better path.

I posted this also in tarotmusings community, but felt it important enough for me to post here :) I just have to write it down in my journal for readings when I get up... :)

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