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Boredom strikes again...

Aha! I have the third mug in my collection now. I got the Ranger. Thank you Burger King for turning me into your run of the mill Lord of the Rings geek. But, wait! There are others worse than me...I at least don't have the toys...(uhm..yet..)
I was thinking about this morning...and you know, its rather disturbing to wake up with injuries that you don't know how you got. Example...the other day I woke up with a bruise on the inside of my arm that looks like someone tried to take blood a little too high, but there's no needle mark (Its now an ugly shade of black and yellow) .... and today, I woke up with some rather wicked looking scratches on my ankle. I would say they were from kitty...but, they don't really look like kitten claw marks. So, what the hell do I do in my dreams?? I'm coming to the conclusion that I have to learn to control the astral travel....hell, I'll settle for remembering. I'm still wondering how that bruise got there....
We have a department meeting here soon..another hour off the phones...wooo! I'm in a good mood today, despite the fact that its cold and wet outside. Typical Seattle. I finally got to know what my surprise was....Tyr got me a violet wand! ~does a *very* happy dance~ I LOVE those....my favorite toys. And its a deluxe set! YAY!!!! (evil angel grin....BIG evil angel grin). He's kinda upset though because it won't be here when he gets home...not sure when we're gonna get it. But that doesn't matter...he got it..its on its way sometime.....(GRIN)
Here's a random thought. You get a new toy, you have to take it out and play with it. I'm looking at the instructions/warnings on this cup (as if I didn't on the other 2) and it says, in bold letters, "Remove base before putting through dishwasher". The base, for those who haven't seen them, is removable and holds all the nifty little wires and battery to make the light come on. I'm thinkin'...."NO! Really???". What gets me is that someone, somewhere at sometime, saw a nifty gadget like this and DIDN'T remove the nifty battery base and ended up fryin' somethin'...probably himself. Otherwise, the warning wouldn't be needed, and therefore would not be on the product. The other one that *really* disturbs me...is the vaginal cremes. If you look at the box, it says, "Do not take orally"...What on God's green earth made someone go "I wonder what this tastes like?". I mean...its not exactly like the applicator looks like a pill. I don't go "Vaginal...looks like a tampon...must put in mouth...". I'd like to see that before the judge... "Well, yes your honor...it does say vaginal...but, it just looked like a really big pill....how was I supposed to know you put it *there*?"
Now that I've grossed you all out (HA! Victory!)....I'll go now, as my meeting starts in a few minutes anyway. My job is done (GRIN)
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