onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Just another day....

I should have guessed what it was going to be like. I come to work, no proxy...well, okay, more accurately, no browsing capability. Lovely. Naturally, it was something simple. Important thing is, I can now browse. Woo!
Phones today have not been bad, a red queue a couple times, but overall pretty decent. I asked Joe for time off to take Tyr to the airport tonight, and its been granted, I just need to remember to fill out a request now that I can browse. Tyr leaves for Las Vegas and CA tonight to visit family before he goes overseas. *sigh* Time is sneaking up on me.
I was thinking about that dj thing, and I think I'll do it. I haven't told the girl yet, but then I haven't really been online too much. That will probably change some this week as Tyr will be gone. I'm going to try and clean house some this weekend. Bryan and I are planning on getting together tomorrow and go to Count of Monte Cristo. I can't wait to see him, its been forever it seems!
I don't have much planned for the weekend, pretty much just toolin' around the house and doing whatever. Hopefully I'll be able to get some laundry done and some heavy cleaning. Jenni will be over at Rob's, so I'll have the house to myself, which will be good since I only like to clean when I have the house to myself.
I got an email from one of my mail groups about a book club for the D/s lifestyle. I think I'll join that too, she said that we will be meeting once a month or so to discuss the books. I think I can buy or borrow most of them, the club has a pretty good library. Which reminds me, I have a book at grandma's I need to return. Erg.
Today is payday, which brings some relief. I was down to $7 in my bank account and a bit of cash in my purse. Yikes! It won't deposit until probably Monday, but that's alright, at least its soon. And just in time. I haven't looked at my account recently, so I can only hope nothing went through to bounce. Damn...no such luck. $135 in the hole. Erg. That puts me over for the paycheck. *sigh*

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