onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I have work tomorrow. That's a relief. Bossman is going to try and give me more hours next week, he'll be setting a time for me to come in. I'd love to stay where I'm at, if I can.
I did do something productive today - I went down to DSHS. I have an appointment for Thursday, to see about food stamps. I'm hoping we'll be able to get on that, if nothing else, I won't have to worry about food. That, in itself, will be a relief.
I haven't done much today, other than that. I wanted to clean the living room, but didn't quite manage before grandma parked herself in her chair. I don't clean well when she's out...she only directs me, or complains, or what have you. There are times when I really do hate living here. I want to get going on the bedroom, so I can have my own space....that's something that I'm feeling the need for more and more. *sigh* All in good time.
I'm still smiling.
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