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I've managed to get some things done in my room. Its still not clean or cleared out, but I've made progress!

I managed to get all or most of the boxes against the back wall (opposite the bed) put away or condensed. I put D's dvd rack over there (finally!!), and opened up the book shelf next to the dresser - and created some space. Right now, its cluttered with loose papers and some clothing, but much easier to work around than the rack. It gives more space to get by the crib. I put away laundry, which meant clearing out the few things D still had in the dresser. That was nice, to be able to rearrange my dresser drawers. I got the books out of the closet, which were housed in a laundry basket and put them in the book shelf. I only managed to clear the top shelf, but that was enough for now. Its got some sheets and odds and ends in the rest of it..but I can go through that later. The laundry basket, for the moment, has clean shirts that need to be hung up. I changed the sheets in the baby's crib..now I just need to get a blanket for her. Hopefully, it won't matter that its not the one she usually curls up to. I also managed to change the sheets on my bed. Whew!
With all of this, I managed to unbury the floor fan..and an outlet to plug it into. Yay! Its now ontop of the rack, blowing blessed cool air. Its still hot up here though, and now I'm hungry and should relieve Pan from babysitting :)
I still have a ways to go before the room is where I want it..but, I made a dent in it today, and that makes me happy.

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