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I'm quite pleased with myself

I worked with my tarot cards tonight. I did a daily reading for tomorrow, which I may share in my tarot journal, for those interested. I also did one for two characters. The readings turned out well, I think :) I'll have to note them in my notes.
Just tossing around some ideas...I thought of creating a community and letting people write in my world, helping to create it. I'm not sure though. I'll mull on that one some more. Another option I was considering, just making a journal to keep my stories in for this particular world and sharing online. Of course, I could just write it all out and try and sell it too. Comes down to how much confidence I have in myself and what my desire for this world really is.
I think I'm going to try and do my tarot everyday. I'm usually up fairly late anyway, so it doesn't matter. Now that Jae sleeps in the crib, I can head downstairs. I'm afraid the shuffling would wake her, or I'd do it up here on my bed or something. Maybe when she sleeps better I'll do that :)
At any rate, I'm pleased with the outcome...gonna make some notes and go to bed
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