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1) What would xaviercross give bearwitched for his/her birthday? He'd give him a ninja...or maybe a pirate...
2) Would halaku go out with vamp_ire? I'm thinking...no.
3) What is darkphoenixrisn allergic to? I don't know
4) What is kagai's favorite game? Hm...I'd say a roleplay game we share, but I'm not certain
5) twisted19's eye color? I've never seen him
6) Is oblivia77 related to you? Nope
7) Would you wrestle insanous in jello? hahaha...uhm...he wishes
8) What languages does _lista_ speak? English
9) What is halaku's favorite band/artist? ...I should ask him sometime
10) Does fenris_wolfolk know twisted19? Not that I'm aware of
11) What would lordtyr think of dalollytiva? He'd get a kick out of her
12) What planet should zaratyst be from? Hmm....I'll have to think on that one.
13) What is night_wysper's favorite movie? That I don't know....
14) Do you think feath is hot? Never seen her
15) How tall is rayce? I'd say about 5'5 or so...a little taller than me.
16) Does fiannatiger go to your school? Nope
17) Thoughts on ladyflame70? She's a cool lady :)
18) xmurf's hair color? Brown
19) Where would casperwa most like to visit? ...again, not a clue
20) How many monkeys could elfric fight at once and win against? hahaha...he's a fairly big guy...quite a few, I'd say!
21) What song/movie would you recommend to gloworm0310? Sin City!
22) When did you last call whitewolfjmi? ...wow....uhm.....been a few years...
23) Could you see juniperm3ss1ah and nightmaven together? No
24) What word best describes halaku? Forbidden? Oh wait...that's me.
25) What video game does juniperm3ss1ah remind you of? Mortal Kombat
26) What is kassiopia13's favorite color? ...you'd think I'd remember
27) Is corivax a nerd? I wouldn't consider her so
28) Does roocifer do drugs? Not that I'm aware of
29) One quality you find attractive in doofybatz? He's intelligent
30) If mysteriespriest had a superpower, what would it be? Invisibility

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