onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

In the cards

I did a small reading for today, using the Star Cards by Linda Goodman.

1. Early part of the day - Sun
2. Middle part of the day - Mars
3. End part of the day - Uranus

Last card in deck: Jupiter (overall feel)

I'm on available now, so, I'll look up meanings as I can.

Sun - Neither book definition really fits this today. I see the sun as strength and growth..taking pride in what you've done. For today, I find this a more fitting meaning.

Mars - The challenge side of this card - not loosing one's temper. Use determination rather than reaction or anger. Agression. Remedy: Take a few breaths, calm down.

Uranus - Keep negativity at arms length.

I'm off work now, so I'm going to drive home. I'll think on this as I do, and hopefully post a summary on it when I get home. I also have to post recent events and my weekend :)

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