onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

The airport...

Alright, so, last night, I get time off to go take Tyr to the airport. I get home, before 6 pm, and he's still packing. Not a huge deal..I'm thinking we can leave by 6:15 and still have plenty of time for parking, getting him checked in, waiting in the lines, etc. Not only is he packing for Vegas, but he's packing for Korea. I understand the drive to do this...but, I'm also looking at the clock. At 7:15 pm, he's finally ready to go...much to my panic. I ended up dropping him off, rather than parking. I was disappointed by this, as I wanted to say a more 'proper' goodbye than a quick kiss at the terminal door, ya know? Also, stress level, *very* high at that moment, utterly convinced he's going to miss his plane. I don't think he did, he called about 11:30 pm to tell me he had landed okay and was on his way to family. Whew! Don't do that again!!
I decided to dj for the IRC station. I haven't downloaded all the software and such yet, but I am part of the mailing list and have all the instructions. I'll probably sit down sometime tomorrow and get it all squared away. I also wrote back to the book club person and told them that I'd love to join. My social calander is getting booked now! woo!
This weekend though, I have to myself. Ahhhhh. Happiness. I can really get that apartment clean. Plans are to clean *everything* as much as I possibly can..vacuuming, scrubbing, unplugging drains, etc. So, need sponges for cleaning, as the one sponge we have is on its last legs and used for dishes..and quarters to do laundry. I plan on attacking towels and sheets. I know, such an exciting life I lead. But, at least I'll have a very clean apartment.

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