onyx (onyxangel) wrote,


Okay, so I borrowed a pda to get everything set up to post via email. Silly
me didn't realize it would post my signature too *cough*

Thanks wingedelf for pointing that out to me. I no longer have the pda to
respond directly to the comment. It took me a bit to delete the "offending"
information because I was taking calls too. Ugh.

Now that I know, I can delete the signature before sending to be posted. Heh

I meant to post that last week. Apparently, I forgot the pin. Silly me.
Another small lesson learned :-)

Just to let you all know - I'm better. Temper tantrum is done. My faith in
the world has been restored. Though, I bear in mind that I know better than
to get caught up. Still, a nice hot eggnog latte makes everything alright ;)
Okay, maybe not everything, but enough.

I was hoping today would be slow in calls, but I'm not sure its going to be.
Blerg. S'alright though, I guess. Perhaps the day will go by a bit faster

Oh, lookie....break time already. Past break time actually - but not by
much. Okay...rambling now....will post later. More coffee *cackles evilly
on her way to the break room*

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