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All in all...

its been a good day. I had to work today, which was kind of a bummer. At least it was slow...I mean really slow. I took 3 or 4 calls all day long. For the better part of the day, they had most of us on 'meeting' because our service levels were too high. I did manage to get an early out about 30 minutes before my shift ended. I was hoping for earlier, but hey, I'll take even that.
I didn't get to Cheryl's until after everyone had eaten :( I had enough time to eat while playing a new game she got. It was fun. I just wish I'd been able to be there sooner. I was only able to spend aobut an hour - hour and a half over there before we were all ready to come home. Garrett is staying over there tonight. Mom, Cheryl and Bill go out and about tomorrow, as has been the tradition for a few years now (something like ten). She'll bring Jae over for Gary to watch both kids while they go out. I'm working tomorrow so that leaves me out of the equation on this. I'm sure grandma will enjoy the quiet time to herself at the house :)
I've been fairly productive the last couple days. I managed to get quite a few errands done, though there are still some things I need to take care of. Next week I'll be able to finish those things up, I think. I did get some laundry done, even got some folded and put away while the kids were in daycare. I even got the living room cleaned - vacuumed behind the chairs and everything. I even got to sit and enjoy the clean before the kids got home to mess it up again LOL
There's more to do with the house, and I hope to work on that in the coming weeks. We've decided to have a Christmas tree up this year, and are thus working toward having the house clean enough. Mom said she'd like to have Christmas over here like we used to. I think that would be great.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all....remember to count your blessings, even in the difficult times.

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