onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Another reading...

This one is using the Bright Shadow Spread - found on the website I listed

It's a pretty simple spread - shuffle and cut the deck into 4 piles. Each
pile represents one of the following realms: physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual. Search through the piles until the sun card is located - this is
the area in your life which contains your highest or yet untapped potential.
From this stack, shuffle and cut the cards into 3 more piles. The first pile
addresses "What aids me in developing my Bright Shadow?" Choose a card to
answer. Second pile is "What hinders me in developing my Bright Shadow?"
Choose a card to answer. The third shows the possible outcome, once you have
found and developed your bright shadow. Choose your final card.

I found the sun card in my pile representing the emotional realm.

What helps me:

King of Swords - My intelligence helps me along my path. Each step I take, I
gain wisdom and am comfortable sharing in that wisdom - and learning from
the wisdom of others

What hinders me:

Ten of Pentacles - a false feeling of fulfillment. An idea that the end has
been met - that I have everything I need or want. Perhaps it alludes to my
not so thrifty spending habits. Or is it the fear of moving on to something
new? I've gotten comfortable with where I am, and I feel rich because of it.

Possible outcome:

Nine of cups - A sense of warmth and happiness. Good cheer. The ability to
share such joy with others who are close to me. In essence, getting what I
want and being comfortable enough to enjoy it.

Again, if you have insight please share with me. :-)
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