onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Sundry thoughts

So, its snowing out. Or, at least, it was. And no, I'm not particularly
enthused about this little weather development. I'd rather not learn how to
drive in the snow - thanks. Actually, it isn't the snow that worries me,
it's the possible ice on my commute home. Going over the bridges is gonna
be....frightening, I think.

Why is it everyone calls the last hour of work? I'd rather all these calls
in the morning. I have to say though, it was nice logging into 'meeting'.
Yay for low service levels.

I found some tarot spreads I'd like to use for writing. They sound fun and
exciting, and very helpful. I really need to get back into writing. I know I
keep saying it, but I really do...I need to practice, and I need to actually
finish a story.

30 minutes to go. Yippee. I'm on hold with the leads at the moment - yarr.
But, on the bright side...it's the first time I've called the leads today.
Go me.

I had more to say earlier, but now I'm just rambling about nothing....so,
yeah, I think I'm gonna go work now.

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