onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Yet another reading

This spread seemed appropriate for today. It's a love spread - not just
romantic type of love, but family/friends as well.



1. This card represents your love of yourself, self-love and
self-image, representing strengths and weaknesses, or issues to get through.
2. This card represents your love for others, your family, friends,
lovers. Can represent a specific person and how you react to him or her, or
how you see others, or a relationship.
3. This card represents another factor or person, something not
accounted for, because these situations are never simple! Can be a love
triangle, or a difficult choice.
4. This card represents strange Fate, or larger currents and
directions, situations out of your control. Also represents the love the
Universe holds for you, and your trust (or lack of faith) in that.

1. Wheel of fortune
2. Nine of Pentacles
3. Two of Swords
4. Page of Wands - with clarifying card Queen of Pentacles

My challenge is to remember that how I view things, including myself, is
within my control. I can change how I think about myself at any time, for
the better. Family and friends are often times a source of pride for me, and
I enjoy seeing them happy and contented. This could also elude to a
relationship in that I should not be afraid to find someone or make
adjustments to my lifestyle to find that someone. Often, my heart and mind
don't tend to agree. In order to progress, I should face this conflict and
make a decision - do I follow my head or my heart?

I don't really understand the significance of the court cards in the last
position. The page refers to studies, projects or career. Its about putting
thoughts into action, a careful progress. The queen gives the warning of not
sacrificing your spiritual, creative and emotional life for the sake of
being practical. I understand the meanings - I don't understand how it
relates to the position.

Ideas? Thoughts?

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