onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I'll update on the holidays later. Suffice it to say, they were good and the chitlins made out like little bandits. Lucky critters :P Actually, I didn't do too bad myself...got some really nice things.

So, work has put out a new shift bid. I'm considering trying for a new shift. This could mean a change of hours, days, seats and supes. In theory, I'm good with this. I've looked at the offered slots, and they have some that are a little earlier than the one now, and some with Sunday and Monday off. They're also half hour lunches, which is sort of a draw back. If I request a shift with Sunday and Monday off, I won't see 'the new guy' as often as I do now, which of course, is a draw back. He has assured me, however, (no COMMA) that we can work around it. This is encouraging, actually.
Sundays and Mondays off as well as an earlier shift mean that I get more time with the kids, which is a big factor. I have a day with the kids, and a day without them...and that's nice too. It also means that on party weekends, I'm not going into work right after a party if I stay the night....or too early if I don't and drive back home. I like my supe, but could do with a seat change. I sit by the door currently and freeze my buns off...not a pleasant sensation. There's also the noise factor...its hard to hear around that door being yanked open, and then the yakking of people when they go in or out. Mom thinks it may be a good idea. I have the paper, now I think I just have to figure out which shifts I want more. There's six, I believe, that would work for me..not too early, not too late and with Sundays and Mondays off. Hmmmn.

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