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Year in retrospect

I've seen a couple posts of the year in retrospect. I'm thinking its a good way to cast off the new year, a good way to say good-bye to the last.

The year started out alright. Things here at home were settling down and into a routine. D started working, and it was a big relief. Nothing spectacular happened, really. Life just went on. As such, I think I'll do highlights from the year...both good and bad, and what I can remember. I don't think its chronological, but that should be fine.

Garrett celebrated his 2nd birthday with dinosaurs. He had small ones on his cake that roared. He liked them at first, then became scared of them. He didn't like them again until baby sister did :) He even got a big dinosaur for his birthday that we had to throw out into the yard, because he was scared of it. Now, he likes it a lot.

Jae celebrated her first birthday. She had no problems with knowing what to do with the cake. We spent the day at the zoo, and then went to dinner at Mr. Bill's. We've got many pictures, and one of these days I'll update the year by a picture album or something. It was a fun day.

Sometime in February, Jae stopped getting her shots for rsv. They decided she was strong enough that she didn't need them anymore - and winter was coming to an end. Poor girl. I know she's happy about that...she doesn't like needles.

D and I split up in August, just before Jae's birthday. We'd been fighting for some months before that - so even though it hurt, it didn't really cone as a surprise. He moved closer to his work. We still don't talk much - I think there's still bitterness on both sides. It wasn't a pretty split up.

I started working so I could support the kids. Things have been going well there so far. I hope to be hired on this month. Hired permanent, I mean.

I lost touch with some friends, but I hope to correct that this year and do better about keeping in touch. On the flip side, I renewed my friendship with R. We don't see each other much anymore, but I still think we're close...she's still my best friend, and I miss her when I don't see her often :)

The kids started daycare. They both enjoy it very much. This, of course, has meant that the later part of this year has been spent with sniffles and various other cold like symptoms. Both suffered with fevers recently, over the last few days of the year especially.

Jae has started walking. She's hardly crawling anymore, which is good. She's also becoming more independant,..which is nice to see. We were worried about that.

Grandma has been in the hospital several times this year. We've all been worried that she won't be able to come home. Recently, she was admitted to a nursing home for therapy. She's getting around by herself in her wheelchair. She still can't stand well on her own, but she's making progress. Newest claim is that she'll be home in 2-3 weeks time, but she'll have her wheelchair.

Emotionally this has been a year of ups and downs - more so than the last couple of years, I think. I've been into the doctor for depression for the first time ever. I was told it was a sleeping disorder (not enough sleep), bordering on depression. I had sleeping pills for awhile, but stopped taking them. Jae sleeps through the night, more or less, so I haven't found a need to have them.
I've grown a lot over the last year, emotionally. I've learned to be happy with who I am, even if I have my moments of sliding backward. I've become more confident in myself, and my skills. I have some work to do, but I'll get there.

I've begun to see someone new. I've been through a couple short bursts - one of whom I still very much feel for. Life doesn't allow us the luxury of being together often, and I know he wants me to be happy. And, I can honestly say, I am happy. I enjoy the new man's company very much. I do miss him when he's gone, and look forward to seeing him on our days off. This happened shortly before the holidays, and its been a good thing for me.

The holidays were decent. I spent them working, but was able to enjoy them just the same. The kids had lots of fun, and I'm glad I got to see that happen.

Plans for the upcoming year...keep trying to improve myself in the ways I know I need to. Take things one day at a time, and LIVE. Not just exsist, but LIVE.

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